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Letters from the Editor
Supporting Characters
At the January 2013 meeting of the Pima Writers Forum of Tucson we worked on character sketches. Several people asked for a list of supporting character types, so I pulled out my copy of "45 Master Characters – Mythic Models for Creating Original Characters" by Victoria Lynn Schmidt. This is just a brief introduction to the characters she describes in the book.


The Magi

The voice of wisdom who has been through what the hero has been through, he is often unwilling to help and prefers to be left alone.

The Mentor

The Negative Mentor loves the status and prestige he gets from his power to help the hero.

The Positive Mentor openly guides the hero on his quest and makes himself available twenty four hours a day.

The Best Friend

The hero’s confident who is always there, ready and willing but not always able to help.

The Lover

Home base and security where the hero goes to vent his feelings, especially doubts and fears.


The Joker

A troublemaker who loves to tell jokes about and play pranks on the hero.

The Jester

Similar to the Joker except he truly means well, messing up the hero’s plans with his physical mistakes.

The Nemesis

A “friendly” troublemaker who doesn’t care about the hero’s goals. He waits around for a chance to consciously mess things up for the hero.

The Investigator

Always butting in when he’s not wanted and asking questions the drive the hero crazy.

The Pessimist

Challenges the hero with constant disapproval of the hero’s actions.

The Psychic

The Negative Psychic tries to come across as calm and all-knowing but often looks ridiculous.

The Positive Psychic is like an oracle who gives advice and information to help the hero.


The Shadow

Mirror’s the hero’s character flaws or dark side so he can confront and overcome his shortcomings.

The Lost Soul

Symbolizing the hero’s past, reminding him where he came from and why he chose to change.

The Double

Who the hero wants to become – a role model.
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